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Yesterday was a wet and rainy day, the kind of day where you want to curl up with a nice book and a cup of tea, but that was not to be. I had work to catch up on and I sat down determined to finish it. It was at that moment, my phone buzzed and my cousin sister, Devi wanted to meet at Starbucks. I knew she also had a ton of work, so we decided to meet and work simultaneously. Of course, my younger sister, Kaj decided to come along and deep down I knew that no work was going to get done. However, when the three of us meet hilarity soon ensues, so, looking forward to an evening of girly chit chat and coffee I arrived at Starbucks.

Stay or Walk Away

Grabbing a hot chocolate to warm me up we found a nice cosy spot to settle down in. Devi and I diligently removed our laptops, plugged them in and started to work, Kaj on the other hand removed a copy of ‘A Clash of Kings’ and started reading. This lasted for all of 15 minutes (during which all I had achieved was connecting to the Wi-Fi)  before someone said, “So do you want to catch a movie next week?” and soon our conversation drifted from movies to books to fashion to food and settled down on life in general. Our laptops lay there, plugged in and forgotten next to the drained cups of coffee.

Somehow we began discussing good comebacks to compliments we had ever received and this was of course my sisters’ cue to start making fun of me. You see, I have a standard response to any compliment I get, I tend to freeze, smile stiffly and mumble an inaudible ‘Thank You’.  While this may be an appropriate response to an aunt who says, “Oh you look so lovely dear!” This is definitely not the way you want to respond to a flirtatious, “You have such pretty eyes.” So, yesterday in Starbucks a new game was born, it was my sisters’ brainchild and they called it ‘Stay or Walk Away’. It involved presenting me with different scenarios and compliments and seeing how I would respond resulting in the opposite person other staying or walking away.

Honestly, I think coming up with good retorts, especially flirty ones is an art and I need classes! 😉 And so the game went on, apparently the right comeback for ‘You have pretty eyes’ is ‘Thanks I’m flattered with a nice laugh thrown in for good measure.’ Another one they came up with was, “I keep seeing you around, how come I don’t have your number yet?” to which you could reply, “You never asked with a nice (not stiff, maybe flirty) smile.” We did this for quite a while and it was tons of fun. My sisters’ were surprisingly good with comebacks, maybe too good, I need to look into that!

So, are any of you as awkward as I am? Try playing this with your friends, if nothing else you will have a ball listening to the comebacks.

This post was inspired by a combination of yesterdays and today’s Daily Prompts.