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I was watching television yesterday, National Geographic to be specific (well, to be completely honest, I was reading while my family watched an intellectual program about animals in the wild.) I was busy averting my eyes from the TV screen and into my book since I do not especially enjoy the sight of animals attacking each other when my aunt turned to me and said, “They have such a bad lifestyle, no safety or security, forever hunting and moving.”

 I burst out laughing at hearing her talk about the ‘lifestyle’ of wild animals and retorted, “For all you know they must pity us, with our restricted lives, going back and forth in a monotonous cycle of work, home, sleep and occasionally an evening out with friends.” We both left the conversation there, but the thought had me wondering, who had the better lifestyle, the animals in the wild or us?

Born Free

I profess to knowing nothing much about animals, never having had a pet, but I thought I’d discuss it with you all nonetheless. Well, of course if you think about it our lifestyle seems so much better than that of wild animals. I mean, lets pity those poor animals without their cell phones, tables, Wi-Fi or Facebook! But in all seriousness, they do have a pretty tough existence in the wild, where all that matters is ‘Survival of the fittest’. They have to keep moving in herds, based on their place in the food chain could lose a member of their pack or family at any moment and of course they have to protect themselves from human beings who are bent on destroying their habitats and driving them into extinction.

 So let’s see where we stand today in comparison to these creatures. Of course we have technology and knowledge of art, science and literature far beyond that possessed by wild animals but I feel that in this ruthless world we are still governed by ‘Survival of the fittest’, be it at sports, in academic applications and acceptance, in society or the cut-throat world of business. While most of us are lucky enough to have stable homes and roofs over our head, I feel like we might be in the minority. So many homes are washed away by natural disasters and so many of us can lose a family member in the blink of an eye to some unforgivable disease like cancer.

 Of course, drawing such a comparison between the lifestyles of human beings and animals, is difficult if not impossible. They are poles apart, but if we were to draw a vague comparison what would you think? After all, aren’t all of us:

 “Born free, as free as the wind blows

As free as the grass grows

Born free to follow your heart”

(The lyrics are from ‘Born Free’ by John Barry)