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As a child I always wanted tunnels that connected my room with all my friends, as I grew up I realised that I wanted a tunnel that could connect me to one of the craziest and most magical cities on earth.

I completed my Masters degree last year, for that year I lived in the magical, hectic and crazy city of London. London, you have the ability to make someone love you and hate you simultaneously. For the first three months of my stay there, all I could picture was my cozy room back home, my family and my friends. I didn’t really care for the cold shoulder that London was giving me (literally and figuratively), the only thought that spurred me on was: I get to go home for Christmas! Yay!


I had countdown Post-It’s stuck to my shelf, as the day drew close I couldn’t wait to pack and take the first plane back home, to the warmth of the country that I knew and loved. Coming home, even after three months was emotional but everything I did was coloured by the thought: Oh no, I have to go back soon. At home my sister and I put up a gorgeous Christmas tree, danced New Years away and had a brilliant time but soon, too soon I had to return to London.

No sooner had I landed in London that I began resenting the city all over again, having to find a cab in the sleets of rain while dragging my luggage in particular, did not endear me to that city. But London as I got to know you, I learnt that within that fast, cold and wet city beats a warm heart and slowly you began to beguile me with your enchanting ways. If I had to pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love, it would have to be the day I made in new friend, with this amazing British girl who lived in the apartment above mine and we decided to take a walk in the freezing cold snow along Tower Bridge!

Tower Bridge

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a relationship with London that would last forever. The next six months flew by in a blink of an eye. Between, exams, London markets, shopping on Oxford Street, going to plays and musicals the time just flew and before I knew it I was back home in my ‘cozy’ room reminiscing about my year in London.  I wish I could create a magical tunnel that would connect my home with London, to be specific, Oxford Street! (I really think shopping should be a hobby!)

I want to go back and watch a play at Victoria, I want to feed the ducks in St. James Park, I want to walk down Southbank and watch the street artists at work, I want to visit the Christmas markets, I want to sit the sip hot chocolate at Nero and watch the world go by. Oh I have a yen for London that makes me want to keep going back, but spend too much time there and it will remind you why you wanted to come home to begin with!