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Today, I decided to write a post based on an older Daily Prompt suggestion and since I like to dabble in fiction, I thought I’d write a story. So here goes:

A Page from Cassandra’s Diary

Dear Diary,

It all started last Friday night (now I have Katy Perry playing my head) but no it wasn’t as crazy or fun as the song, it was something else. As usual I had to postpone my Friday night plans with friends for a catch-up work session and as per usual it wasn’t my work that needed catching up.

Let me introduce you to Drew, handsome with a smile that could disarm a bomb. He’s also as slippery as an eel when it comes to work. Here’s a list of his many excuses :

Monday: The tap was running and my apartments been flooded, so could you…?

Tuesday: It’s my niece’s birthday and I have to run to the store, so could you…?

Wednesday: My family dropped by for a surprise visit and are staying over, so could you..?

Thursday: I slipped and hurt my wrist, so could you….?

Friday: My girlfriend has to go to the hospital, so could you…?

In all honesty I can be a bit of a pushover and my recent break up may factor into this crush on my colleague (But I digress, that is a story for another day.) When it became alarmingly clear on Friday that he had a girlfriend, I promised myself that I would no longer do the lion’s share of work. Although in the small recesses of my mind I hoped she was his ex-girlfriend, but even this thought was extinguished as I received a call from him yesterday morning. This is how the conversation went:

Drew: “Hi Cassie, how are you? It’s not too early is it?”

Cassie: “No no, of course not, is something wrong?” (It was 7am on a Saturday!)

Drew: “I have wonderful news and I thought I’d share it with you, I’m going to be a father!”

Cassie: “You? A fath…? Oh wow, congratulations!” (The trip to the hospital made sense now)

Drew: “Thank you, thank you, I am very excited, also I was wondering if you could possibly take on a little more responsibility with the Cooper Project?”

And, that was when I hung up. Yes, I do have a modicum of self-respect. Now, I was awake and annoyed, so I decided to go for a jog. After an hour of running around the park, I headed home. On my way home, I stopped by a local store to pick up a few things, the lady there knows me well so we ended up talking and I told her my story. She gave me a shoulder to cry on and a few free samples to brighten what was a dreary day. As I was leaving I thought I heard a whisper, “Time is fragile, use it wisely.” But when I looked around there was no one there.  As I entered my apartment I decided to pamper myself and try the free face mask I had gotten. I put it on, picked up a novel, sat on my bed and was promptly off to dreamland.

I awoke a few hours later and went to wash the face pack of, hoping to see a new and rejuvenated face staring back at me, but as I scrubbed and looked into the mirror, I realised I had aged almost ten years in the span of a few hours! I looked almost 35, how could that be? Was it just me or had I pulled a Rip Van Winkle? So I googled the date and realised that time had stood still but I hadn’t.

I wanted to cry, I didn’t really look that old but I had lost ten years! Ten years’ of laughter, sorrow, silliness and stupidity. But then it hit me, if I was 35 today, what had I done with my life? I stopped to wonder what I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 35. Did I want to be stuck in this job doing someone else’s work and letting them take the praise? Did I want to let my past weigh me down like an anchor? Did I have the courage to pursue my dreams?

No, by the time I was 35 I wanted to have earned enough to set up my own agency. To my surprise I realised I wanted a family, something I had never really thought about before. I wondered where my sister would be in ten years and realised I didn’t know where she was now, we hadn’t spoken in over two months! It was the same story with most of my friends.

I needed to stop wasting away at this job, I needed to catch up with old friends, talk to my family and put myself out there, meet new people and possibly find Mr. Right. I comprehended the fragility of time, we take it for granted, obsessing over the past or future we forget to stay in the present. We can learn from the past and hope for a bright future but we have to live in the present. It was only when those years were taken away from me that I grasped their true value. And as I was having this epiphany, I looked into the mirror and saw a brighter face staring back at me. I blinked, had I really aged or was it just a trick of the light? Whatever the cause I wouldn’t forget the lesson I learnt, change is coming, I can feel it.